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Events & Monthly Meetings

27 Sep 2016 9:00 AM (UTC+02:00) • Visit to Valencia City and The University Botanical Gardens
10 Oct 2016 7:00 PM (UTC+02:00) • Bar - Restaurant El Pelut
16 Oct 2016 9:45 AM (UTC+02:00) • Make a Smile Charity Farm
25 Oct 2016 4:00 PM (UTC+02:00) • Ademuz
24 Nov 2016 (UTC+01:00) • Barcelona
24 Nov 2016 6:30 AM (UTC+01:00) • Gibraltar
24 Nov 2016 9:00 AM (UTC+01:00) • Madrid
30 Nov 2016 6:00 PM (UTC+01:00) • Calpe Theatre

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'The Voice'

Here you will learn what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen in the world of the Oliva U3A.

The Purpose of the U3A

The purpose of the U3A is to encourage lifelong learning and enable people no longer in full time employment to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experiences.

The U3A is open to everyone in the community. No qualifications are necessary, nor are any awarded. 

The U3A offers learning activities in small groups which reflect members' wishes and aim to cover a very wide range of subjects; educational, recreational, cultural, physical and social.

The U3A enhances our lives, enables us to make new friends and to continue learning in a mutually supportive environment. The group leaders come from within the membership and are people who feel confident to share their own past experiences and expertise. 

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Activity groups news

We have around 30 groups
 with more starting.

Walking Group

The Walking group is walking again with Joint Leaders Iain Mungall & Joe Bellenie.

 To find out more about our groups.Click here

Activities Calendar

What's Happening in Oliva

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 for Monthly Tourist Info from the Oliva Tourist website. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the agenda in English

How's Your Spanish

We have a number of Spanish language classes for all levels. 

Beginners, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced and Spanish Conversation.

Full details on our Activity Groups pages.

Useful Links and Information

Living in Spain, Spanish Holiday Calendar, Spanish Food Recipes, 

Things to Do & places to Go to in Valencia

And loads of other useful sites. Click here Plus Other U3A Sites 


Access to Spanish State Health

Click here for a copy of Elaine Hydermans presentation at the 26th March meeting.


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Weather in Oliva

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